Cutefinder : The Chronicles of Kova and the islands of the largest ocean

The Land of Kova, a land of mystery, a land of legends, filled with relics from times gone past yet to come in the historical future.

This is a story told from many perspectives, some which may not see eye to eye, but will come together against a force that does not take their individual wants, needs, beliefs or races into account.

Provided they survive against the things they encounter that they cannot yet understand, this will be a story of epic proportions, equal parts love and hate, creation and destruction, science and magic.

… All told by ME, Algister, the world’s best historian! I guarantee you the stories you read within these numerous tomes will be 100% true, without mistruth, misunderstanding or mis…anthropy?

Also if you order now, you’ll get a limited edition, 100% genuine Statue of the Celestial, guaranteed to cure all that ails you and make your teeth whiter!