D Everywhere

Murderous Serially-Mortal Gestalt Entity


D Everywhere:
Male Chaotic Neutral Human Time Thief,
Level 5
Init 1
HP 50/50
Speed 30ft

AC 17
Touch 10
Flat-footed 17
CMD 11
Fort 2
Ref 1
Will 1
Base Attack Bonus 0

EM Dart Gun (Can deliver any liquid charge via nanoinjection. Ambient Matter, Draws on Suit Power) 0 (1d4p, x2)
EDI Standard Node Vacuum Combat Suit with Maneuvering Jets (240 hours Power at 100% Battery and STP – *60*HP – Hardness 6 – For 12hr Charge, Restore 4d6 Suit HP. Nuclear, Biological, Chemical, Informational, Vacuum Immunity due to sealed environment) (+7 Armor)

Abilities Str 12, Dex 12, Con 14, Int 19, Wis 13, Cha 18

Condition None

Very pale skin, solid black eyes with no apparent sclera or iris. Under the spacesuit, a t-shirt and pair of light tactical pants. The shirt has the EDI Environment Management logo on the front left chest, and on the back is a large, full-color rendering of a smiling JFK as seen through the reticle of a 4×18 Ordinance Optics scope. “I love a parade.” is written in Marain beneath the picture.


Everywhere Node U-775-17e53/A.

  • Learning the local tongue.
  • Compulsive liar.
  • Racist against elves, classist against royalty and the economically advantaged.
  • Projects an air of conviviality at most times.
  • In his rare moments of true honesty he is shown to be a furious, violent monster.
  • D will do literally anything, even harm himself, to gain an advantage in a fight.
  • Has no compunctions about committing actual straight-up murder.
  • Strongly dislikes being manipulated, and will ignore emotions he feels are being played to.

D Everywhere

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