The Griefer

Broken Robot Pornography


RIU-ZT-01 ‘The Griefer’:
Neuter Chaotic Evil Ancient Robot Pugilist (Dirty Fighter),
Level 7
Init 4
HP 77
Speed 30ft

AC 14
Touch 14
Flat-footed 10
CMD 23
Fort 6
Ref 9
Will 8
Base Attack Bonus 5


t’s been alone in its head for $?buffer_overflow years. Anyone would go a little weird after that.
It doesn’t speak, or it can’t. It occasionally takes instructions. Sometimes it defaults out to a basic worker-robot personality structure, and sometimes its owners wake to find that the neighbors are missing. It gets into deadly bar fights.

Basically it’s a barely-controllable murder robot that uses anything it can get its hands on to kill whatever it wants to. It’s gone rampant from bit-rot and loneliness and isn’t convinced that a “real” world exists.

The Griefer

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