House Rules

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While largely consistent with normal Pathfinder RPG rules, there are a few house rules that have been invoked. These are recorded to the best of our recollection as follows.

Character Creation

  • Ability scores are generated by rolling 4d6, rerolling any 1s and dropping the lowest number thereafter. This is done seven times and the second-lowest is dropped before assigned to abilities as seen fit, giving a rather high-powered spread while leaving a significant flaw.
  • Characters’ hit points are not rolled — they gain their maximum hit dice + constitution modifier each level.
  • Characters get two traits, along with a pair of campaign-specific traits denoting their heritage and guild affiliation. You can get a third trait in conjunction with a drawback.
  • Characters start at level 6, with a budget of 16,000(?) gold pieces for equipment (both subject to change). However, the maximum price you can pay for any given item varies, based on what you pick as your free guild trait (see below).

Campaign and Guild Traits

As mentioned in character creation, along with the standard two traits, all characters get a free pair of traits defining their heritage and guild affiliation.

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Third Party Content

Third party content, including that from Dungeons & Dragons editions 3.0 and 3.5, has to be checked and cleared by the GM before use, and is subject to modifications from how they are written. This space will be updated with authorised and/or altered content as it comes.

  • Feat: Energy Substitution is freely available as a feat choice. The prerequisite of one other metamagic feat is waived. [2015-12-23]
  • Spells: Unless otherwise specified, approved third-party spells are available only through in-game discovery, whereupon they become innately known (preparable from memory or a bonus known spell). [2015-12-23]
  • Spell: Deathwings is approved as a discoverable spell. [2015-xx-xx]
  • Spell: Skill Lore is approved as a discoverable spell. [2015-xx-xx]
  • Spell: Touch of History is approved as a discoverable spell. [2015-xx-xx]
  • Spell: Wall of Darkness is approved as a discoverable spell. [2015-xx-xx]

House Rules

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