Fate Everywhere

Murderous Serially-Mortal Gestalt Entity


Fate Everywhere:
Male Chaotic Neutral Meta-Vulpine Techslinger 5/Time Thief 4,
Level 9
Init 5
HP 99/99
Speed 30ft

AC 20
Touch 15
Flat-footed 16
CMD 24
Fort 7
Ref 11
Will 5
Base Attack Bonus 8

Suppressed (Does not trigger Surprise round) CZ-75 SP-01 + Osprey 9 (14+1) (1d8 per shot, x2)
+2 to CMB vs. M, H armor. Brace, Reach. Stanley 55-120 Mk. III Wrecking Bar (-) (1d12, x2)

EDI Systems Integration Group Standard Support Suit (+6 Armor, +5 Dex, Simple computing only, no AI systems. Can provide air. Has integrated backpack and ammo storage.)
Abilities Str 13, Dex 18, Con 12, Int 15, Wis 15, Cha 17
Condition Healthy

A walking, talking anthropomorphic fox with four arms. Wears a matte-black, slightly-loose suit that contracts when exposed to vacuum or other adverse conditions, and has a vast array of pockets that can store any number of small objects. The upper back contains an environment pack which can deploy a breathing apparatus as well as two small maneuvering jets. The suit’s lower back is home to a small array of packs, each of which can store a few pounds of gear. A long, fluffy tail is present. The pants and sleeves are cargo-like, with various types of pockets. Combat boots finish off the bottom of the suit.

- Knows about the Mercedes-Benz GTK series tank.
- Is aware of events that transpired from D’s perspective.
- Can see Not Black.
- Is seeking the Innsmouth’s complement of EPIC A3 rifles.
- Assembling components for something he calls the Delivery System.
- Skilled Medichanic, able to work on both living and mechanical life.


Everywhere Node U-775-17653/A.

Friendly but distant, and in open or public settings very aware of incoming threats. Not a compulsive liar like some other nodes, but tends to have an inappropriate joke to hand at any given time. Polite enough, willing to deal with most people on an even footing, but has a strong distaste for anyone he labels a “fucker”. Considers himself a good person, and also considers that evil men will talk your ear off. Good men will end you without a word.

The body is healthy. The mind is sound.

The pistol is timeworn, cared for like a loved child. Finish wear belies its centuries of use, fresh springs and new grease speak to its owner’s love of a good machine.

The suit is new, freshly-built and installed with all sorts of tactical goodies. Body armor, vacuum and NBCI protection. Communications hardware. It lacks an AI system.

Fate Everywhere

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